Virgil has been having trouble sleeping since the death of his wife. As his journey goes on he starts to be haunted by her thick golden hair. Can he escape his own psychedelic nightmare?
"A haunting and surreal journey into loss, grief and insomnia. Moving, hypnotic and awash with psychedelic colour and imagery; this uniquely Australian trip worms its way into your brain and blooms there like an unfurling psychotropic flower." - Catherine Seccombe, Monster Fest
"... a weird and unhinged work of art that combines the best elements of The Evil Dead, Videodrome and Lost Highway..." - The Reelist
"Bizarre, creepy, but strangely moving, with visuals reminiscent of films like Suspiria..." - Nouse
Official Selection MonsterFest 2016, Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016, Horrible Imaginings 2016, Fright Night Film Fest 2016, Grindhouse Planet Film Festival 2016, Backup_Festival 2017.
Winner Best Student Film - Horrible Imaginings 2017
Winner Best Australian Short - MonsterFest 2016
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