Lost High Studios is a small collective of artists headed up by film director Kiefer D. Findlow, specialising in small scale genre content as well as music videos, promos and online content. The studio is based in Melbourne, Australia and is currently working on a group of projects in Victoria.
The aim of the organization is to connect and empower as many artists as possible while also making striking and unique content.
Kiefer D. Findlow - An emerging genre filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for engaging with other artists and like minded individuals. Kiefer has been working as a filmmaker for the last decade and has studied film extensively at La Trobe University, UCI and The Victorian College of the Arts where he earned a Masters degree in film production.
Kiefer's short films have played all over the world and he has won awards both at home and overseas for his 16mm psychological thriller "Insomnolence".
He is currently working on his next film as well as screening "The New Jerusalem '98" all over the world.
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